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Jamie Bennett



Job title: MPS & DaaS Sales Team Leader

Tell us about yourself
I’m Jamie, I joined Softcat in 2011 starting in an entry-level sales position as a graduate straight out of Warwick University. Prior to Softcat I did all sorts of jobs part-time while I was in education – I found the volume of spare time a bit boring, so I did bar work, events, I was a chef for 3 years & I also did an internship in HR during the summer of year 2 of Uni! All of which led neatly into IT sales, of course.

What is your role?
I was an Account Manager for 5 years, then moved into a specialist sales role in our Digital Workspace team where I became the Team Leader for Managed Print and Device-as-a-Service. We sell service contracts for end-user IT equipment like laptops, desktop & printers, in short. So, where our customers find themselves bogged down by repeat / low-skilled tasks of ‘keeping the lights on’, we offer contracts which remove those tasks from their IT team. This allows them to focus on more strategic projects where IT brings their business efficiency, agility and profitability. To borrow a phrase: “we do the jobs you hate”.

What drew you to apply for Softcat?
I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left University with my Politics and Sociology degree! I’ve always loved tech / gadgets, and I knew I wanted to work somewhere more ‘fun’ and less corporate – and then I found Softcat!

Tell us about your candidate experience during the recruitment process?
I had a focus group interview followed by a more formal interview, and then a telephone interview. My telephone interview was with Softcat’s founder Pete Kelly, who was famed for his craziness… what a call that was – I knew I’d found a fun company. And thankfully I was accepted!

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of the recruitment process?
Your personality is just as important as your ability to work hard and work smart here. Let the real you show Softcat how good you are.

How has your Softcat experience been so far? How do you feel Softcat has supported you in your career?
Well I’m still here 9 years later and long may that continue! Softcat has offered me the chance to grow and adapt to lots of new challenges. They also gave me the chance to help set-up and chair our LGBT support group, The Softcat Pride Network – which really motivates me. The business really understands that happy people give great customer service, and we’re really well looked after. They want the very best version of you to turn up for work each day- the happy, supported and motivated you.

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What would be your ‘Top Tip’ for success within Softcat?
Set yourself an ambitious goal and go and get it! So much is possible, and being in the technology sector means things move and change, presenting new opportunities all the time. It’s a brilliant sector to be in. Be passionate and driven and you’ll find success here.

What advice would you give someone thinking about joining Softcat?
Softcat challenges our industry and grows by double-digits annually, and all because we’re a huge network of great people with a common goal and respect for each other. If you’re fun, creative, dynamic and hungry for success, then absolutely apply!

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