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Joined: 2018
Job title: Solutions Professional

Fatima originally applied for a different role, but we spotted her potential at the interview for something completely different. We spoke to her about her experiences to date.

How did you find out about the role/Softcat?
I originally applied to be an Account Manager, but during the recruitment process it was felt that sales wasn’t for me and that I would be a better fit in the tech team. I had a couple more interviews before being offered and accepting my current role.

Sum up what your job involves in a sentence?
I assist Account Managers and Sales Specialists to deliver products that best fit their customers’ requirements. I help them by having technology-led, agnostic conversations with clients regarding their IT needs.

Tell us the best thing about your job?
Free breakfast? Just kidding! I enjoy the opportunity to constantly learn new things. Coming straight out of university, it comes quite naturally to study and pick up new concepts that are relevant to my role. With no background in IT, I’m given plenty of opportunity to get up to speed on current technologies to help me be the best at my job I can possible be.

How would you describe the culture at Softcat?
It’s fun, laid back and comfortable. No one takes themselves too seriously, and there’s little sense of formality between teams or management. It makes it much easier to get ideas and concerns across to Team Leaders – I always feel confident I’ll be listened to.

Describe your colleagues/managers – what are they like to work with?
My team and I operate as a big family. They’re all hard-working role models, with seemingly endless time to help me whenever I need it while I find my footing. My Manager and her fellow Team Leaders are all open, attentive and work hard to make positive changes to make daily life easier for me and all my colleagues.

What’s the most fun or rewarding thing you’ve done at Softcat?
I got to experience Technical Design’s Team Night Out (TNO) back in January and it was so fun! We went axe throwing (it’s as cool as it sounds) and had an incredible steak dinner afterwards. Just banter, good food and great company!

What has Softcat helped you to achieve?
Being my first real job out of university, it’s helped me mature and realise the commitment required for a full-time position. Trying to find a good work-life balance is a skill in itself!

Tell us about how you socialise or do things outside of the office with people from work?
We often go out for lunch as a team, either as a large group for some fancy pub food, or we go for the occasional meal/venture around town after work. I’m also big into my video games, so I’ll occasionally team up with the guys in the evenings.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Softcat?
Get ready to work hard! The rewards that come with this job make it worth it though.

What does success at Softcat mean to you?
Feeling like I’m giving back to the business, the team, and bettering myself in the process. I’ve learned so many new concepts in my time here and I get a real sense of accomplishment when I get to successfully apply that knowledge I’ve learned to a customer opportunity. Adding value to the business is very rewarding.