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Joined: 2009
Job title: L&D Manager

Heather initially enjoyed a successful sales career at Softcat. Now she is drawing on that experience as the Manager of our Learning & Development team. We chatted to her about her experiences with us.

How did you come to join Softcat?
When I was in my final year at Manchester University, I saw an advert in the back of the Metro newspaper one day. I still have a copy of the advert.

And that was a sales role?
Yes. Softcat was my first proper job. I was recruited during the last recession when other employers were turning inexperienced grads away. It was great to get the opportunity during that time.

What was it like joining the sales team back then?
Similar in many ways to now. Everyone is friendly and has time for one another. There’s none of the usual competition you’d see in a sales function. It’s so much more supportive. At the same time Softcat is an exciting environment that is always evolving. It’s a great combination of being friendly, informal, being driven to succeed, lots of ideas, and a great amount of autonomy.

And what did you get out of your time in sales?
In terms of rewards, the commission enabled me to buy my first house and it paid for my wedding. One year, I qualified for the Hawaii incentive and had the most amazing experience. I got to go shark diving, take a helicopter ride and attend a local luau event. From a personal growth perspective, it taught me everything about sales – and I’ve been able to share that experience in my role on the L&D team.

What’s involved in your L&D role?
I manage the Learning and Development team at Softcat. Our focus is making sure all employees have the skills, knowledge and experience to perform in their roles.

What’s the best thing about the job?
I get to help my colleagues succeed. With the bonus of working with a huge variety of people and getting to travel around all of the Softcat offices.

Is it a close-knit team?
I’ve made some lifelong friends through work and keep in touch with quite a few who have left to new adventures; we will often go out for dinner in the evening. As a team we take advantage of the team night-out budget and make sure we organise a social activity at least once a quarter.

What’s been you most memorable experience?
It’s hard to pick just one from my time at Softcat. The most rewarding and terrifying experience of my life was definitely when I did a sponsored sky dive for Dreams Come True, Softcat’s selected charity of the year. Most memorable was probably winning the Softcat’s Got Talent competition whilst dressed as a dinosaur!

What does success at Softcat mean to you?
Keeping ahead of the change and growth within the business and not standing still. Saying yes to all new opportunities that come your way. And coming to work with a smile every day!

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Softcat?
Go for it!  You’ll never find another company quite like Softcat. Be prepared to work hard, and reap the benefits of the culture.