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Joined: 2016
Job title: Internal IT Support

Matin works on our IT Support team, so he spends lots of time interacting with people in different business groups and offices at Softcat. We caught up with him to get his take on working here.

How did you come to join Softcat?
I was working for another company across the road, but it first properly caught my eye on a ‘Chairman’s Day’. I saw the company dressed up and so I was immediately drawn to the culture. I was keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. In the end, I spoke to a friend working here and they ended up referring me for the role.

Did the culture live up to expectations?
Definitely, it is a lively and passionate culture with equal respect for others around the business. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but are all hard working and care about the company doing well.

What’s involved in your role?
I support colleagues with IT issues. That involves managing the different requests coming in to the team, and going out to help colleagues if it’s a bigger problem. I visit the London office sometimes to support their users with IT related issues – and I get involved in setting up our new offices as and when they open.

Tech is evolving all the time – how do you keep up?
I love a good read, so I am always keeping up to date on the latest blogs that come out on tech. I’ve recently started tuning in to the Softcat IT podcasts which I find very useful.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The interaction with all departments and people within Softcat. I get to build relationships and meet new people each day. I also really enjoy being able to help and assist people.

What’s your team like to work with?
We are a very small team, but this has made us a very close team. My colleagues have helped me build my knowledge and they’ve pushed me outside of my comfort zone to help me progress. We won ‘Operations Team of the Year’ in 2018 which was a proud moment for us all.

Does the team socialise together?
Absolutely, and there’s lots going on with the wider team. I joined the cricket club that Softcat run which is a great way to meet different colleagues. I also met my girlfriend here, and often socialise with friends from work at weekends.

What has Softcat helped you to achieve?
I’ve developed a wider knowledge of the IT industry while building my skills set. They’ve also invested in me by sending me on a number of training courses to gain more qualifications, which is great.

What does success at Softcat mean to you?
Growing personally and professionally to exceed your career expectations. It’s a great place for achieving what you want for the future.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Softcat?
It is a great opportunity to kick start your career. If you want to exceed your ambitions Softcat is the best place to start.