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Joined: 2018
Job title: Credit Control Executive

Mohammad has recently joined us in our Finance team and has fitted in really well. We talk to him about the things that he finds most enjoyable about working at Softcat.

Sum up what your job involves in a sentence?
My job is to maintain a clean ledger. I work closely with our Account Managers and the customers to keep overdue debts to a minimum. This involves forwarding relevant copies of invoices and statements, and working quickly and effectively to resolve any queries and disputes if they arise.

Tell us the best thing about your job?
It’s a great mix; the work is enjoyable and challenging enough to stay interesting, whilst the atmosphere is fantastic and really what keeps me going.

How would you describe the culture at Softcat?
Softcat has a very flexible and friendly approach towards their employees and this is clearly demonstrated by the willingness of everyone to go that extra mile in their approach towards work. No doubt it’s also a factor in why our year-end results are always so good!

Describe your colleagues/managers – what are they like to work with?
There’s a lot of trust and respect demonstrated by everyone. We all have similar goals and realise each of us has a contribution to make to the overall success of the company.

What’s the most fun or rewarding thing you’ve done at Softcat?
Some of the charity events are really great. I donated £100 off my salary last month to see one of my colleagues get dunked! It was well worth it, with the money going toward a great cause in Comic Relief.

What has Softcat helped you to achieve?
I’ve learned new ways of dealing with difficult situations. My Managers are always there at hand to help out where needed and provide their best advise/support, but in the short time that I’ve been here, it’s definitely boosted my confidence as you are given a lot of autonomy.

Tell us about how you socialise or do things outside of the office with people from work?
There’s loads going on including a Softcat cricket team that I’ve recently joined. We have regular after work practice and I’m looking forward to some competitive matches in the summer.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Softcat?
People enjoy coming to work and feeling appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work. So my advice is simple; do it and you won’t regret it.

What does success at Softcat mean to you?
Success to me, is when you have achieved everything you set out to as an individual and as a team. And that happens here!